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Exploring attractions of Dhangada Mandir

There is no doubt that Nepal is a beautiful country. There are a lot of places that are still unexplored. Dhangada Mandir Area is one of the beautiful as well as religious places. Being there reminds you the Tal baharai temple of Pokhara the temple in the middle of the pond. Although the Hanging Gardens of Babylon doesn't exist the place Dhangada Mandir reminds you the wonder of the world. The dhangada Mandir is located just 1 KM  far from the headquarter but it is not so popular. The park around the area, boating around the pond, the temple near the area, the statue of the animals are the remarkable places that everyone can enjoy. Still, the construction of the place is going on. This place holds the great chance to attract and entertain tourists.so, the place must be explored.

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