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Brazen, bold and bikini-clad: Are these the HOTTEST travellers on the planet?

ONCE upon a time, travellers were identified by their huge backpacks and blatant look of bewilderment as they explored new territory.

Brooke Saward / Kiersten RichINSTAGRAM
The travel market has been infiltrated by gorgeous wandering women like Brooke and Kiersten
Dressed for comfort with maps clutched tightly in hand, the stereotypical tourist would stand out like a sore thumb to locals.
But the typical attire of a traveller has evolved during the past few years, and many wanderlust explorers have gone from gritty to glam.
Thanks largely to increased popularity of social sharing platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the travel market has been infiltrated by gorgeous wandering women.
With their chic sense of style and eye for a perfect picture, these travellers stand out for an entirely different reason.
Hailing from the likes of Tasmania, Los Angeles and London, these entrepreneurial young women appear to be constantly on the move in search of the world’s most photogenic spots.
Their enviable gallivanting is documented by stunning social media galleries.
Posing perfectly outside the most beautiful and iconic locations in the world, here are some of the hottest travellers on the planet.
Kiersten Rich – ‘The Blonde Abroad’
California-born Kiersten was building a career in corporate finance when she decided to risk it all for a life of travel.
From sun-drenched beaches in paradise to awe-inspiring mountains, the brazen beauty is on a mission to visit every corner of the globe. With her long blonde hair and gorgeous figure, she certainly makes it look stylish.
Alanna Booth – International Model
Based in Australia’s iconic Gold Coast, if this leggy beauty isn’t draped on a beautiful beach in her bikini she’s hiking up mountains for breathtaking views.
Boasting almost 100,000 followers on Instagram, this stunner will make you want to quit your day job for a life of adventure.
Alexandra Baackes – ‘Alex in Wanderland’
Regarded as one of the best travel blogs to follow in 2016, Alex left her urban life in New York City and booked a one-way-ticket with no end in sight.
The young blonde, who has been on the road for three years, combines her passions for design, photography and scuba diving to create a series of stunning travel snaps to get lost in.
Brooke Saward – ‘World of Wanderlust’
The most subscribed travel blog, World of Wanderlust provides travel tips and inspiration to millions of people each year.
Its founder, 24-year-old Brooke Saward, hails from Australia’s Tasmania. Born with a love of beautiful scenery, the long-limbed stunner set off to travel the world after she graduated from university and hasn’t looked back.
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