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10 things you need to get ready for your honeymoon

By Clemmie Millbank, Plan Your Perfect Wedding

Not sure what essentials you need to make your honeymoon your best holiday ever? We reveal everything you need to get the best honeymoon deals and feel amazing on the beach.
Book early
No doubt you have a particular date in mind so get your honeymoon sorted as soon as possible to secure your dream destination.

Check the weather
Your new fedora won’t look so amazing in the middle of a monsoon – always find out when rainy season is before you book.

We know you can’t wait to use your fabulous new married name, but remember the details on your ticket and your passport need to match. If you haven’t had time to update your passport stick with your maiden name when you book.

Your marriage certificate
Take advantage of all the freebies and tell everyone (and we mean EVERYONE) that it’s your honeymoon. However, don’t be surprised if a savvy hotel manager asks to see some proof of your recent nuptials before granting you that mythical upgrade.

As always when you travel, check if you need any vaccinations and remember to get them done well before the wedding in case of any side effects!

Sunburn is not only bad for your health, but it looks awful in those treasured holiday snaps. Pass the factor 50.

Humidity resistant hair products
Don't leave home without these, unless you’re going for the big hair look, à la Monica from Friends when she visited Barbados…

Your new honeymoon bikini
Okay, so you new husband might think six bikinis is a bit excessive but you need at least one for every day, right?

A few surprises for him
Make it the best holiday ever and get a few little treats planned in. Whether it’s a scuba trip in the tropics or some jaw-dropping honeymoon lingerie, make it a trip he’ll never forget.

A bikini wax
It’s not fun, but you’ll regret not getting a pre-honeymoon wax. Book in a week or so before take-off to allow time for any redness to go down.

Your holiday playlist
Your honeymoon needs a soundtrack, so get your favourite choons together and blast them out on your hotel balcony.

A good book
Just because you’re on honeymoon doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole time gazing into each other’s eyes. Bring along a good beach read and make sure you take time to relax.

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