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Gosainkunda, the Holy Lake of Nepal

Gosainkunda Lake is considered as one of the most holy and scared lake which is situated on the lap of Ganesh Himal in Rasuwa district. Most of the trekker and pilgrims visit Gosainkunda Lake during winter season for sightseeing and to fulfill religious wish. During Gaijatra Festival, the pilgrims from different parts of country come to the holy lake to take bath. The grand mela occurs here every year. It is believed that taking bath in this holy lake would get salvation from worldly worries, troubles and also receive religious benefits. From two ways one can reach at Gosainkunda. The first way is from Trisuli and Dhunchay & the other is from Melamchi and Helambu.

The Gosainkunda Lake and its surrounding are very beautiful and scenic. Around this lake there are 108 other small lakes are found. Among all of them some of the popular lakes are Dudh Kunda, Jageshwar Kunda, Saraswat Kunda, Bhairab Kunda, Surya Kunda, Nag Kunda and Ganesh Kunda. It is also believed that during malla period the rulers of the Kathmandu valley visit here at least once in a lifetime to take bath in holy lake. The great national hero Amarsing Thapa went to Gosainkunda to lead the life of a hermit and passed away there. Gosainkunda Lake is the holy and scared to all Hindu & Buddhist.
Gosainkunda Lake is a very popular lake among the pilgrims for Nepal and India. According to the mythology, while the god and demons were tossing the cheer ocean the poison came out from the ocean which might destroy the whole universe and the lord Shiva came to their rescue and drank this poison. The poison was so powerful that it was intolerable even to Lord Shiva. To stop the burning effect from poison Lord Shiva reached at Gosainkunda and thrust his blade into the Earth, as a result a cool water foundation appeared there. He took a bath and drank the water coming out from the foundation. In this way the bid lake became holy and scared lake to all Nepalese.
The village healer known as Jhankaris comes there to worship their Lord Shiva and transfer their knowledge to their disciples. Pilgrims believe that if they are lucky they can have glimpse of Lord Shiva inside the lake while taking the holy bath. As the small pound at Kumveyshwar has connection with Gosainkunda lake, the People who cannot go to Gosainkunda on the Janai purnima can visit Kumveyshwar temple at Patan.
In this way the holy Lake Gosainkunda has great importance in the religious aspects for both Hindu and Buddhist.  Travelling to this place is the best way to feel the scenic beauty of Nepal and it will be fun filled memorable experience. So prepare to join our Gosainkunda Lake Trek that will be the trip for life time.
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