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10 Most Luxurious Airline Cabins and Suites

The airlines had been the fastest means of transport. Now it’s easy and possible for the flights to take breakfast in Kathmandu, attend the meeting in Maldives, lunch in Japan and dinner in Frankfort. While travelling what class you prefer to travel in. Here are the 10 Most Luxurious Airline Cabins and Suites that you must try once in lifetime.
10. British Airways First Class: Attractive sleek modernized furniture ,lots of entertainment 

9. Thai Royal First Class: good comfort and a good privacy, serves Bulgaria luxurious products, Special Royal Orchid Spa 

8. Virgin Atlantic A330 Upper Class: amenity kit for the first class passengers, Disco atmosphere

7. Jet Blue Mint Class: spacious and big seats, The mint class is only available travelling New York/Boston to Los Angeles/ San Francisco only.

6. Air France A380 First Class: Only 9 seats in first class, attendants upon request, attractive cabin
5. Qatar Airways Business Class: huge  separate LCD screen for entertainment, well-decorated cabins, attractive business class Bar

4. ANA First Square: Full course meal, the attendants Upon request, comfortable suits

3. Emirates First Class Suites: separate liquor, perfect bedding, Assorted foods, larger cabins

2. Etihad Diamond First Class: Available from Abu Dhabi to the other destinations. The fare value for the first class is $600 to $1500 USD

1. Singapore Airlines: Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Frankfurt has been the most attraction for the first class passengers. Ticket value of the luxurious suites is $5500- $23000.
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