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Tianmen Mountain Glass Path- china's newest tourist attraction

The remarkable Tianmen Mountain Glass Path is the china's newest tourist attraction. The glass walkway is an unusual experience for the visitors,who travels China’s tianmen mountain national park .The “sky walk” is approximately 200 feet (61 meters) long with the width of 3feet . The walkway is composed of 2.5 inch thick glass. About 4700 feet high walk way in the sky provides the thrilling feeling to the visitors. On the clear day the visitors can enjoy a sheer drop below the thousand feet.

The visitors are provided some of the useful suggestions before the walk. To maintain the transparent of glass the visitors are requested to wear shoe covers.
The main thing that the traveler must remember before traveling is the weather forecast. On the foggy day the visitor will miss the chance to look below the glass because of fog. The walk way closes when the way is covered with snow and ice. Just enjoy this video of the glass walkway .
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