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Gufa Pokhari : An Attraction of Eastern Nepal

Nepal’s biggest asset is landscape.From East to West the country mesmerize both local and visitors with its stupefying vistas and surfeit of stunning images.Treeking in Nepal is rewarding as the spectacle that unfolds on the way enchants one all over again.Over the years Nepal has developed new trekking areas however trekking in eastern areas of Nepal lie untapped in its own backyard.The landscapes in these areas is grand and exciting.

Situated in the eastern part of Nepal, Gufa Pokhari is a small village and popular for off the beaten trek.Sitting quietly in the Northeast ,Gufa pokhari  has always seemed far away,almost aloof despite proffering abundant of natural attractions and having religious importance attached to the place.Gufa Pokhari  lies in the confluence of Sankhuwasabha, Tehrathum and Taplejung districts of Nepal.The place is famous for its biodiversity and known for  Rhododendron. It is believed that 28 species of Rhododendron are found in these area.During April the blooming of Rhododendron  is remarkable.Mainly Japanese  visitors visit this place for the study of stones,herbs and butterfly.The forest in the area Gufa  Pokhari   is the largest  Rhododendron forest  in the Nepal.During the first week of Neplease month of Baisakh, Rhodendron  festival is organized,where people from all over visit the place for the festival.
Sunrise at Gufa Pokhari is spectacular view .As the morning sun breaks over the horizon, the sky is covered with torrent of purple and orange and Makalu is bathed in a soft golden light. As the morning rays kisses Makalu, its mirror image is seen in Gufa Pokhari.The pristine lake suddenly livens up with the spectacular view. By late in the morning, everything is bathed in a warn golden glow.Watching the sunrise over Gufa Pokhari is the most impressive one, making a rich prelude to tour in eastern Nepal.
Undoubtedly, trek to Gufa Pokhari attracts trekkers and nature  enthusiasts with a magnetic power.The trek is a great remarkable for the people who wants to get pristine areas with soft to medium trek,but away from main and crowed treks.
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