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World's Best Hikes: 4 Hikers' Dream Trails

Travel provides you freedom where ever you go whatever you do. It gives you the real taste& the best experience to know the world. Planning where to go? To stimulate your thinking, here are the world’s most inspiring journeys to capture your imagination.
New Zealand -Milford Track 
Exhilarating, majestic and spectacular, the Milford Track takes through the heart of south’s Islands wild fjord country. The journey will fire the passion for the nature as you pass through echoing granite canyons and deep emerald forest. On the hot day, the more intrepid trekker may plunge into one of the many glittering glacial lake or cool off in the curtain of spray thrown up by the thunderous Sutherland Falls. The grand finale of the trek is a boat ride over to Milford Sounds, with fur seals and bottlenose dolphins leaping alongside for company.
Nepal- Everest Base Camp 
Take a trip to gaze upon the roof of the world -the Himalayas, the highest mountain range on the earth. Most famous of all its peaks is Everest, for decades a name synonymous with tales of climbing ambition and endurance. Create your own tale with a surprisingly manageable trek to base camp and be overawed on arrival by the breathtaking snow-capped heights that surround you. On the journey up and back, capture memories and insights into the vibrant culture of this land where monks dress in saffron robes, tinkling yak trains pass to and fro and colourful prayer flags flutter in the wind. China- Silk Route Colour, noise, heat and the scent of spice all combine to create a dazzling assault on the senses as you wander the bazaars of the ancient Silk Road cities. Begin your odyssey in Beijing, walking in the footsteps of history along part of the Great wall, before moving on to the heaven lake at Urumqi, Kashgar, Tashkent and Khiva. Take time to explore the fascinating inner life, cuisine and culture of these central Asian 'caravan' towns and their rich trading past -and don’t miss the chance to hone negotiating skills by haggling with local merchants in the time- honoured tradition.
Ecuador- Darwin’s Island 
To visit to Galapagos Island it to travel a parallel universe. Nothing can be preparing you for the feeling of connection with creatures that have evolved without the fear of man. The rare experience of being in one of the few places left where the impact of human presence is kept at a minimum is both energizing and humbling. Tortoises, turtles, Exotic fish, iguanas, lizards, penguins, albatross, boobies, bats....in, out and above the tropical waters, this unique view of the wild will change your perspective on life.
Tanzania- The Migration Trail 

Feel the ground Quiver under your feet. Hear the thunder of hoofs across the sun baked expanse of the expanse of the Serengeti. You are witnessing the annual migration of up to one and a half million wildebeest, an awe inspiring wave after wave of travelling animals. The wildebeest and vast zebra herds are following the rains from Tanzania to Kenyas Masai Mara. Follow them there yourself to see even more Wildlife including big cats and colourful flocks of birds. Like the will, you too will make this journey again and again

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