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The Untold Wonders of Nepal

Searching a good destination for this summer vacation. Are you choosing Switzerland, Italy or France for the destiny? Drop the matters I will introduce the land of wonders where you can find the amazing dreamland. Let’s check out the wonders of this paradise, Nepal where you can found the whole world in the lap of hills & mountains. Enjoy the natural beauty, landscapes, fabulous food and memorable monuments of Switzerland, Italy and France in common garden.

Have you seen the hanging garden of Babylon now in this era? Do you think it exists? If not just visit the paradise of the world, Pokhara. The Barahai temple in the middle of the Phewa Lake with enormous beauty reminds you the amazing hanging garden.
The highest of the world & the lowest point of the world in the same area isn’t it amazing. A member of the Natural wonder, Mount Everest (8848m) the highest peak or point & Kanchan Kalan (70m) of the world lies in Nepal.
Mustang, a place where you can found the natural beauties of the world in a garden. The other unspoken wonders in the area are the bubbling hot spring, the salt pond & the soda water from the deep earth.
A common home for animal & birds the chitwan National park reminds me the enormous beauty of the Nature. Many species of endangered animal and birds including one horned rhino & Bengal tiger are found in the area.
The combination of art, culture, historic, holistic place & natural beauty had made the Kathmandu the unique & the capital city of Nepal.
The holistic place, Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha (the light of Universe). The continuous burning flame in Lumbini gives the message of the peace to the world.

The next wonder is the Muktinath (3710m), a scared place for both Hindus and Buddhists. The temple is suited in the highest altitude in the world. A wonder never spoken to the world about the temple is the continuous burning flame in the water and in the land.
The article only mentions the some unique untold wonders about Nepal. There are a lot of things to see & discover in Nepal.

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