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The most beautiful deserts in the world

Simply people think desert means sand and heat. Gobi and Antarctica is cold desert. We can define Desert as humungous pieces of land that are quite dry less than 10 inch rain fall per year and have a lot of vegetation. The world covers about 20% of Desert. Let’s talk about the 5 most beautiful deserts of the world.

The Sahara Desert
The icon of Africa, the Sahara Desert is the hottest and the greatest desert in the world. With an area of 9,400,000 Sq km the desert covers most of the parts of North Africa. The desert expands 48 km each year. Including Egypt Chad, Sudan, Libya, Niger it touches 12 African countries. The hot climate nearly 58 degree Celsius has made the place very sustain .The animal found in the desert are Scorpions, snakes, ostriches, fox, jackals, mouse, squirrel, cheetahs, sand vipers. The average rain fall measured in the desert is 3 inch every year. You can see the sand dunes over 180m high in the desert.

 Thar Desert:
With an area of 77,000 sq mi the Thar Desert is spread between India & Pakistan being the natural boundary .It Is also known as the great Indian desert. The average temperature of the desert is 26 degree Celsius. The animals found in the area are: snake, rats, black buck, wild ass, lizards.
The Namib Desert
The Namib Desert is suited in the north western African country Namibia. The Desert contains tallest sand dunes (high more than 300m) in the world. It is spared with an area of 31,200 miles. The Oldest desert Namib, temperature is measured 0-50 degree Celsius Seasonally. The Desert with recreation & diamond area is well protected in a series of National Park

The Gobi Desert
One of the most incredible Deserts, the Gobi covers the much of the southern part of Mongolia and parts of northern China. The largest desert of Asia, Gobi covers an area of 500,002 sq mi. The cold Desert covers high rocks and cliffs so it is also known as the flaming cliffs. The animals found in the desert are two humped camels, wild ass, Gobi bears.

The Atacama Desert
 The Atacama Desert is located in Chile expending few kilometers to Chile –Peru border. The driest desert has no rain fall; the average rain fall measured in the area is 0.004 inch per annum. The desert is the largest supply of sodium Nitrate. We can found a small village in the middle of desert. The animals found in the area are mice, fox deer, llamas, seagulls, penguins

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