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Mount Everest: The World's Highest Peak

How does it feel to stand on the Top of the world?  What about the pride & glory in you?  Hats off for Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, the first explorers to reach the summit of Mount on may 29, 1953.
The roof top of the world , Mt. Everest is located in the border of  Nepal &Tibet, China. It is the highest point in the earth  with 8848 m (29035feet) .The snow  covered rocky summit whole  year. Tibetans called is Qomolangma which means “holy mother”  & in Nepali Sagarmatha which means “goddess of sky”.
By 1865 Mt Everest was named after George Everest.

From the capital city Kathmandu, there are to option for Solukhumbu District travelling by flight  or by bus .Namche bazaar is located in the lap of mountains. TheNamche  Bazar is known as the gate way of Mt Everest ,the entrance for the top of the world. The environment of the place the chilly cold weather really makes you that you are in a dream land. The mountain is in Sagarmatha National park, a UNESCO’s World Heritage site. The professional mountain climbers, the Sherpa will guide you for hiking to the summit of the Everest or to the roof top point of the world. For climbing there must be permit from the government which cost $10,000to $25,0000 per person depending upon the climbing members. The equipments, guides, oxygen, and other essential material will lead expenses up to $65000.

There are so many records related to Mount Everest some of them  are listed below
1. Sir Edmund Hillary &Tenzing Norway first climbers to reach to the highest point.
2. Italian, Reinhold Messner first climber without oxygen
3. Nepali Man ,Min Bahadur Serchan (76) oldest mountaineer
4. Nepali Chemji Sherpa Youngest climber from South face
5. American Jordan Romero (13) youngest climber from North Face
6. Apa Sherpa  record holding of climbing more than 21 times
7. Junko Tabai of Japan, first women to the summit Everest.
8. Babu Chiri Sherpa spent a night on the summit.
9. American Erik Weihenmayer the first blind man to the summit

The world tallest mountain Everest climbing is relay difficult .We need more skill & experience about mountain climbing, a group good leader. Although it is dangerous venturing to the top but the success on the summit of the world is wonderful.

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