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Are you  facing  problem to read Nepali in your mobile

Opera Mini is the tiny and revolutionary Web browser that turns almost any mobile phone into a full-fledged surfing machine. The third most popular mobile web browser is fast, smooth and easy to use. Most of the  Mobile OS supports opera Browser .The mobile browser  opera drastically increase the speed of web by compressing the web pages, which also helps the user browsing at lower cost .Although opera is available in 56  language, it doesn’t support Nepali  fonts.But with the a small setting you can enjoy reading Nepali in your mobile.

Let’s   talk how to make Nepali language readable using opera browser.

1.Install opera  browser in your mobile.

2.Just move to address box Type Opera:config and press ok. (Remember the symbol : )

3.Scroll down  to the option  use bitmap fronts for complex scripts ,and make it NO.

4 save the setting .

Enjoy reading  news, blogs, face book  post & tweets in (your own language ) Nepali.

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